How to Maintain A Bike – The Complete Bike Maintenance Guide

In India, bike is one of the most popular modes of transportation and people prefer to use it even for long distance travel. This is majorly because it is cost effective option and with a well-maintained bike you can travel great miles without any issues. It is curial to have a periodical maintenance of bike so that you don’t have to deal with any mishappening on roads.

The engine of bike needs to be properly maintained for effective functioning of bikes; a little repair can even lead to accidents on road. There are many ways to maintain your bike, the most common way is to reach out to a reliable bike mechanic shop. Always get in touch with good bike workshop for regular bike maintenance.

How to maintain your bike to make it work like a new one

In order to maintain your bike like a pro always look for quality workshop. ProMechanic is your one stop solution if you want to regularly maintain your bike in an affordable cost. We take care end to end bike repair and servicing. If there is a change in bike parts, we provide authentic parts and will provide complete servicing as well. Our team always provide doorstep pick and drop of bike for your complete convenience. A good and timely service can make your bike function like a brand new one effortlessly.

Periodic two wheeler maintenance of bike ensures complete component check of the bike and if there is a small defect it can be rectified timely. We at ProMechanic offer timely two wheeler maintenance that includes engine function, breaks, air filters checking, greasing, lubrication, water wash etc. Our technicians understand that your bike is your asset and correct servicing is important for excellent functioning of the bike.

Best Bike and motorcycle maintenance tips

Best Bike and motorcycle maintenance tips includes taking periodic checking of bike and spare part. It is critical to inspect your bike tires as well regularly. This includes a thorough examination of the condition of your bike as well as the air pressure.

Here are some best ways to maintain your bike, this will help to increase your bikes lifespan.

  • It is critical to inspect your bike tires regularly. This includes a thorough examination of the condition of your bike as well as the air pressure.
  • Check the engine oil level regularly and keep it at the proper level.
  • The polluted conditions in India can rapidly clog the filter; make sure to maintain the air filter clean.
  • The clutch should be properly adjusted and have the appropriate amount of free play.
  • Take extra care when cleaning the carburetor and maintaining valve clearances.
  • The chain on your motorcycle requires regular lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment.

This is why ProMechanic is the best choice if you are wondering how to maintain motorcycle properly. We at ProMechanic takes end to end care of bike maintenance. Our technicians at ProMechanic will ensure your bike works like a brand new one.

How to take care of your bike

One of the most important aspects of keeping your bike in good condition is to wash it regularly. When it comes to bike washing, many people believe that simply splashing your bike with a bucket of water and wiping it will suffice. This is possible using the two-bucket method. Keep one bucket of clean water and one of bike wash liquid on hand for this purpose. Next, take your microfiber cloth and dip it in the bucket of soapy water.

Next, take that cloth and soak it in a regular bucket of water to remove the dirt. But all this technique needs lot of time and manpower. It is best to get help from professional. ProMechanic is one stop destination to take good care of bike. We use professional tools to wash and maintain the bike.

How to maintain your bike chain

The sprockets on your bike chain must be inspected and repaired regularly. Aside from that, they must be lubricated regularly. A good bike maintenance tip is to make sure your motorcycle chain has 2 to 4 mm of free play. Remove the dirt that has accumulated in the chain with a piece of cloth and a soft brush. Never use water to clean the chains because it can rust the chain links. Once the dirt has been thoroughly removed, wipe the chain with a clean, dry cloth using a brush. All this takes proficiency hence it is best to get in touch with professional bike workshop. ProMechanic is your go to place If you want to maintain your bike’s health.

How to maintain your bike in good condition

Check tire pressure before and after each journey. Establish a basic motorcycle maintenance checklist. If there is rapid pressure loss, replace the tires. Avoid using dirty oil on your motorbike. It will increase fuel consumption and drastically shorten engine life. Replace the air filter at the recommended intervals; increase the cleaning frequency in dusty conditions. Check that you have the proper clutch adjustments in place. Keep the choke clean and replace it as soon as it becomes damaged. Regular lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment are required. Avoid parking your bike in direct sunlight; instead, park it in the shade. for end-to-end bike maintenance always give a call to ProMechanic.

Check the ‘ABCs’ before every ride to make your ride safer and your bike last longer.

When it comes to list of motorcycle maintenance, you should always go for the ABCs.

The letter A stands for air, and properly inflated tires help prevent flats. Push down on the top of the tire with your palms to ensure that it is inflated and ready to go. It should have a firm feel to it. If you’re not sure, use a bike pump to test the pressure.

B stands for Squeeze the front and rear brake levers to ensure that the brakes engage properly and smoothly; they should not pull to the grips.

C stands for Chain: Examine your chain and all of the gears. To ensure that the chain runs smoothly through the cassette and derailleur, grab a pedal and begin turning it.

How to maintain a bike properly

It is undeniable fact that regular two wheeler maintenance can help to elevate the bike performance on road. maintain your bike like a pro with ProMechanic, we take care of end-to-end bike repair and servicing within budget. All the servicing is done by experts and there is zero compromise on the quality.

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